is back

Posted by Jon Van Lew on September 5, 2019

I’m back, baby!

I'm back baby

Because I’m in the mood and haven’t done anything with this blog in 3 years – today is a 2fer! I’ve finally taken the reins of running from my brother. He ran it for probably 10 years, hosting the pages for me, him, and my mom. The transfer was seamless and I don’t think any of our regular visitors even noticed. For those of you paying really close attention you may have noticed that practical eye-blink of 2 weeks when was dead.

well I’m back, baby!

I had to make some changes because the original Pelican-based code was lost on some random hard drive I gave up to UCLA when I left. But I also made some upgrades. Like the profile picture changes randomly each time the page is refreshed. Shyeah!


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