Posted by Jon Van Lew on July 9, 2014

edited 2016/07/15.

I put together a list of my publication. At first I wanted to use Google Scholar as it has a nice, automatically updated list but their site is ugly and I don’t know of a way to integrate it into my own. But I also keep on top of my work in a databse inside Mendeley, so I went looking for something to integrate with that – finding bibbase. This little service will fetch data from Mendeley’s online sync of my database and then display it in html.

After I got it into my page, however, I wasn’t thrilled with the old and large icons used for external links. Here’s an example:

Ugly default icons in bibbase

I emailed the creator, Dr. Christian Fritz, who said he’d just never revisited the code after using those first simple and default icons. He’s a busy guy I assume, so I hacked together a fix on my own with some css. On my pages, I have a local.css file that into which I just added these few lines:

span.dontprint img {
display: none !important;
.bibbase_icon_text:before {
    font-family: FontAwesome;
    content: "\f08e  link ";

A snippet of the result is thusly

pretty custom icons in bibbase

So now I’ve got sweet little FontAwesome icons for the external links and pdf references. Similar modifications can be used by anyone to make Bibbase much more compatible with the overall aesthetic of their website.


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