About this site

While my ‘professional’, more-static site can be found at jon.vanlew.net, what you’re looking at now is supposed to be easier to blog through with GitHub’s implementation. I never have anything interesting to say, but I still sometimes post here. The blog is named after my beauitful dog, Molly. This is Molly, the eponymous little black dog:

Molly and her sister were found abandoned near a pig farm in southern Taiwan with a skin disease and no mother nearby. A Taiwanese rescue agency put her up for adoption and now she’s our baby!

Here’s Molly a few days after she arrived in Los Angeles,

young Molly
Molly soon after arriving from Taiwan

I love this dog and I owe any of my remaining sanity to this girl. If not for her, I’d have been significantly more miserable through my PhD program.

##[Edit: 2019-09-06] Molly continues to be my most coddled baby.

Me and Molly swinging
Me and Molly on a swingset outside Big Bear Lake

But since the start of this blog, our circus of little black dogs has ballooned to 3. Molly was picked up from LAX in early 2013; less than 3 years later, Cindy was picking up little Coby from SFO.

Coby and Cindy
Cindy and Coby at the Hoover Dam

Molly and Coby have had an interesting relationship over the years that’s involved fewer than 100 stitches.

Coby and Molly and Cindy
Cindy with Molly and Coby at UCLA

Flash forward another 2 years and we had the bright idea that, sure, we can handle a third dog. Enter: Linny. Yet another little black dog.

Linny in Fremont

Now with these three little monsters, there’s certainly no quiet evenings.

Linny, Coby, Molly, Cindy
Cindy and the three monsters preparing for Thanksgiving


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