About this site

While my ‘professional’, more-static site can be found at jon.vanlew.net, what you’re looking at now is supposed to be easier to blog through with GitHub’s implementation. I never have anything interesting to say, but I still sometimes post here. The blog is named after my beauitful dog, Molly. This is Molly, the eponymous little black dog:

This is the start of Molly’s story, as written by the rescue agency that found her:


See, I’m being a little silly. Molly and her sister were found abandoned near a pig farm in southern Taiwan with a skin disease and no mother nearby. So it was that Taiwanese rescue agency put her up for adoption and we found her. Here’s Molly a few days after she arrived in Los Angeles,

young Molly
Molly soon after arriving from Taiwan

I love this dog and I owe any of my remaining sanity to this girl. If not for her, I’d have been significantly more miserable through my PhD program.


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